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  • About GEN
  • Is GEN Okinawa Resort Stay a hotel?
    GEN is a private condominium type accommodation.
    We offer 2LDK flat of the apartment and equipment such as furniture/electric product etc.
    Room service or any other hotel service is not offered, no support staffs on site as well.
  • Are there staffs on site?
    There are not support staffs on site.
    Information desk on the 1F is an administration office of the apartment.
    Not a concierge service counter.
    ¥5,000/Once will be charged for urgent outsourced support such as spare key delivery service.
    Please contact us via the booking site that you used.
  • Is kitchenware prepared?
    3 stoves and a grill, fridge, rice cooker, microwave, kettle, coffee maker etc is ready for use.
    Other kitchenware and dishes are free to use too.
    Seasonings are not provided, please purchase by your own.
  • Are there bathroom tools and washing machine?
    Towels, shampoo and rinse are prepared.
    Washing machine and detergent is available too.
    Please prepare tooth brush and paste by your own.
  • Is there cleaning tools?
    Vacuum machine, floor wiper etc are ready.
    Please keep the flat being tidy to curb blot.
  • Please tell us about bed and futon
    There is a double bed (for 2 people) and 3 single futon. (Maximum)
    Please use futons according to number of the guests.
    Futon is not additional for extra guests. (Maximum number of the guests is 5)
  • Any other equipment?
    TV, 2 air conditions, ceiling fans, etc.
    Please contact us via the booking site that you used.
  • Is there internet?
    There is Wifi, please check info written in the guidance that we provide after payment.
  • Is car parking space available?
    Yes we will offer you a car parking space, please check the guidance we send after payment.
    Please do not use other spaces.
  • Please tell us more about pool
    There is a shared pool with public lounge on the 1F near the lift.
    Opening hour is 8:00~18:00.
    Please note that the pool is open for other residents of the apartment too.
  • Are there grocery shops or something?
    There are 2 convenience stores and ATM. (Open 24 hours) 3 min by walking.
    GEN locates near from the main street features a lot of local restaurants.
    There is a car rental shop too.
  • Is the beach close?
    Hotel Moon Beach has the private beach area. 5 min by walking.
    Please enter the entrance and follow guidance to the beach.
  • Can pets stay together?
    Sorry, animals are not allowed to enter the apartment and stay.
  • Please show us the room details
    2LDK type flat. Bed room, living room with dining kitchen, Japanese-style room, toilet, shower room, wash stand, balcony.
    Basic furniture, electric product, consumer goods are free to use.
    Additional goods should be prepared by the guests.
    Please contact us for more questions about equipment.
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  • Booking/Cancel and Price
  • Is Telephone/Email booking available?
    You can proceed booking process via the button bellow.
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  • Does price change if we add guests?
    Adding guests could be approved before making a booking, and no price change.
    Guests over 5 cannot stay and we will charge for violation if we find any trace of it.
  • How many are minimum staying days?
    2 nights) is minimum.
    There is no limit of the period of stay and discount will be applied for a weekly / monthly stay.
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  • Should we book in advance?
    Please book the room 2 days before check-in date.
  • Can we pay by cash?
    We are sorry that payment by cash is not acceptable and there is no staff to approve your payment on site.
    GEN accepts only advance payment by credit card.

    Available Credit Cards

    • VISA
    • American Express
    • Mastercard
  • Can we check the room’s availability?
    Please proceed booking process via the button bellow.
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    The calendar will show up and you can check room availability.

  • Does price include electric/gas/water bill?
    Yes it does contain electric/gas/water.
    Just please do not waste much power and water.
  • I want to manage my booking state. (Cancel/Change)
    BEFORE Check-In
    Please visit the booking site you made booking to manage your booking state.
  • Is there cancellation policy?
    Cancellation policy bases on the policy of the booking site and your booking plan that you paid for.
    Please visit the booking site that you used.
  • Can we get refunded due to flight cancellation etc?
    We will refund for cancellation due to bus/flight’s cancellation issues.
    Please contact us via the booking site that you used.
  • Tips of stay
  • Please tell us flow of check in ~ check out
    After your booking is made, we will send you the guidance of the accommodation via Email.
    The guests have to pick up the room key by own selves with the guidance info.
    Check in is from 15:00 ~ and check out is no later than ~ 11:00.
  • We are running late to check in
    Just in case, please let us know if you are coming late for more smooth support.
    Please contact us via the booking site that you used.
  • Can we use a post?
    We share dial code to open a post for the guests on a weekly / monthly stay.
    Please contact us via the booking site that you used if you request to use a post.
  • Does the room have auto-lock system?
    Room entrance has no auto lock system, please lock the door and keep the room key always.
    The entrance gate on the 1F has auto-lock system.
    We are not able to compensate the guests’ loss of belongings.
    And a loss of room equipment charges the guests fee of repurchase.
    Please keep the door locked when it is close.
  • Equipment is broken/damaged/not working.
    We apologize for inconvenience.
    Please let us know via the booking site that you used.
  • We lost equipment/left damage to equipment.
    Please report it to us first.
    If it is left behind and the status of equipment gets worst, the guests may be charged higher price to recompense.
    Please message us via the booking site that you used.
  • We left the room key inside and cannot enter the apartment.
    We will call spare key delivery service, please contact us immediately.
    As an urgent service, it costs ¥5,000/Once and a bill will be sent after check out.
    Plus it may take longer in night time until the spare key arrives.
    Please keep the room key and urgent contact number of the host always just in case.
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  • I need urgent support.
    If any troubles happened, please contact us via the urgent contact number of the host for support.
  • Others
  • Other question and request
    Please contact us the booking site that you used.